You Need To Know Ruby Bones


via The Corner Type

Chris Nova, vocals and guitarist of Ruby Bones, told The Corner Type all about their upcoming album. To get the backstory of how the band met, Chris said, “I’d known James for a while from being a fan of his previous band Twin Berlin (who are great, btw), and I knew he could give the songs the energy they needed. He continued, “Thankfully he was looking for a new band as well, having recently relocated to Hoboken.” He said, “FC was a friend from work who I spent some time bartending with before learning he played the guitar.” Chris asked FC if he was interested in playing “bass in a band that liked to party.” The rest is history.

When the band was trying to come up with a name, Chris said, “Every band name you could think of has been taken at this point by some random kid with a laptop and guitar (myself included), so it’s hard to come up with something unique.” He continued, “I wanted to name the project something vaguely folky and not too weird. Something that sounded like it could be a band’s name (i.e. Arcade Fire, Talking Heads, Beach Slang, Arctic Death).”

Chris told us that even though they are just starting out, people already think they are “a girl singer-songwriter named Ruby.” He said, “What’s great about band names is that they don’t matter at all once the band catches any kind of name recognition.” He continued, “Once you’re known to be good or known at all, the name falls out the window. Though it certainly doesn’t hurt to have an easy name starting off.” We love the name Ruby Bones, but we love their music even more! With this new album, they will definitely be known.

In three days, May 12, 2017, Ruby Bones’ new album is going to be released to the public! You can pre-order it now here. Chris said, “Topically, the record is inspired by the general concept of death, but only because I got tired of hearing/writing love songs.” He continued, “So for me it became this idea of creating a record about entropy, while simultaneously having it burst with energy.” He said, “I also tried to make the lyrics fit the feel of the songs and still be poppy enough to get stuck in your head. They’re overall a bit darker and might cary more weight, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying the music.”

One of the songs on this new album is “Heart of Darkness.” Scroll to the bottom to listen to it and watch the video! Ironically enough, Chris said that this is probably his favorite song on the album. He said, “To me it sounds like the mission statement of this album.” He continued, “It’s simple, fast powerful, and has a big yet not overbearing hook. It’s all the things I look for in songs I enjoy.” We have to agree and we definitely love this song!

When writing new songs, Chris said, “I get inspiration mostly from my favorite bands and then whatever I’m listening to at the moment.” He continued, “Artists like The Walkmen, The Thermals, Conor Oberst and The Strokes all write fantastic pop songs that aren’t obviously pop songs, and for this record I took most inspiration from that world.”

Outside of music, Chris said, “My new hobby seems to be moving.” He continued, “At the moment I’m moving a house-worth of useless garbage for the second time in the last nine months.” He said, “It’s exhausting, but we have an adorable dog named Bacon that makes it all worth it.” Follow Bacon on Instagram @bacogram!

Ruby Bones has such a good, unique sound that will get stuck in your head all day (in a good way). Follow them on Twitter @RubyBones. Don’t forget about their new album coming out on May 12th!