Ruby Bones Release Debut Album Featuring Catchy 'Chemical'

via Oh-Es-Tee

Chris Nova (vocalist/guitarist), James Janocha (drums), South African import FC Spies (bass), and Denis Daley (sax) are the New Jersey/Brooklyn outfit that makes up the catchy and raucous band Ruby Bones that describes themselves as “Bruce Springsteen on cocaine after a few drags off a helium balloon.” From their self-titled debut album which is riddled with existentialism, is a love song sandwiched between titled, Chemical.

An energetic intro bounces into short punches of gritty guitars and dynamic vocals that wail for a love so engulfing and animalistic that you can’t bear to be anywhere near it. It sweeps through the current of earthly bodies. It brands you and shakes your foundation with seismographic desire and lust. Your weaknesses ebb and flow like a drunken sailor while you plead for this divine creature to control the white flame of their chemical.

Ruby Bones’ album is available through Soundcloud and Bandcamp.