(WATCH) Jersey Rock Video of the Week: Ruby Bones "Heart of Darkness"


via WRAT.com

Indie Rockers Ruby Bones describe their sound as “Music with heart that isn’t quite soul, not really art, yet made to be bold.”  The three-piece split their time between their Jersey home turf and Brooklyn, which is quickly becoming New York’s answer to Asbury Park.  

The track “Heart of Darkness” has all the makings of a great radio single.  The hook is catchy, the lyrics are cool and the musicality totally rocks.  If this track is any indication of what this band has in store, they will most likely go far. Their upcoming debut album is definitely something to look forward to.

Ruby Bones’ self-titled debut album drops on May 12.  You can pre-order it HERE.

The video for “Heart of Darkness” does an excellent job of finding a balance between dark and fun.  It’s well shot and flows very well, switching between scenes of the band playing on what appears to be the Navesink River and a story that clearly draws influence from the film “Weekend at Bernies,” or perhaps a certain Tom Petty video starring Kim Bassinger.   It is a strong effort that matches the song perfectly.  

You can catch Ruby Bones in action at Hansil’s in Oakland on April 8.  Later this Spring, they will be down in our area when they rock The Asbury Park Yacht Club on May 19 and the Chubby Pickle in Highlands on June 17.